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We are a spiritually vital, multi-generational and multi-ethnic, family-size congregation faithfully pursuing our commitment to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in worship and in our daily lives. We know that we don’t have all the answers, but together we can help each other discern God’s will for us in our lives….as a parish and as individuals. We firmly believe that God loves you...........NO exceptions. Come walk with us as we explore our faith together.

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A Brief Time Line of St. Paul's Episcopal Church Bailey's Crossroads.

Virginia Theological Seminary played an active role in establishing missions in the Northern Virginia area before and after the Civil War. In 1857, the first mission at Bailey's Crossroads was established.

In 1887, construction of a small chapel was begun on Leesburg Pike. St. Paul's Chapel was consecrated by Bishop White in 1889. St. Paul's mission was formally connected with The Falls Church Episcopal Church until 1905, when it was remitted back to the Seminary. St. Paul's continued under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Theological Seminary for the next four decades.

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In 1950, St. Paul's was admitted to the Diocese of Virginia as a Mission Church. A new location was secured between Church and Payne Streets (St. Paul's current location). Bishop Gibson dedicated the church in 1954 and the congregation began worship services here in 1955.

In 1957, St. Paul's was admitted to the Diocese of Virginia as a self-supporting, separate congregation. St. Paul's continued to grow, reaching a peak number of over 500 communicants in the early 1960's.

In 1978 Our missionary to Asia Minor was commissioned and we continue to support her work.

In 1985 St. Paul's was instrumental in Fairfax County opening Bailey's Crossroads Community Shelter.

In 2000, the Vestry of St. Paul's invited the Washington Area Korean Mission to worship at St. Paul's. The mission had its first services at St. Paul's in October 2000. The Washington Area Korean Mission became Holy Cross Korean Episcopal Church and worshiped at St. Paul's until 2013. They are currently worshiping in the chapel at Truro Church in Fairfax.

In 2001 the Preschool opened.

In 2004 St. Paul's became one of the founding members of the Culmore Clinic.

In 2012, the Vestry invited L'eglesia de Liberacion, an hispanic pentecostal church, to worship at St. Paul's. Their services are held on Friday evenings.

In 2013 St. Paul's signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Episcopal Church of Liberia and began the outreach mission project to redevelop St. Andrews Mission in Mbaloma, Grand Cape Mount, Liberia.

In 2016, the Vestry at St. Paul’s invited the Rehoboth Church, a Korean Christian Congregation, to worship at St. Paul’s on Sunday afternoon. The vestry also invited Debre Tsion St’ Mary’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church to worship at St. Paul’s on Saturday mornings.